about us

Who are Psycatic Software

We are a small group of people developing new releases for the SEGA 16-bit platforms. We currently have three titles in development and are always looking for talented people to join us. If you love the megadrive more than is strictly healthy then send us an email at meow@psycatic.com and tell us about it!

Homebrew Game Publishing

We are also looking for homebrew developers who would like to get their games published. We offer great royalty rates and will provide professional testing and advice for developing your game. Once it is ready we will provide additional artwork, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. If you have a game in development please get in touch to discuss the opportunities with us and what we can do to help.

Psycatic People

Psycatic Software was started by Phil Robinson as a retro game development project. There are a few of us working to bring you new games for your megadrive; First there is Phil who is responsible for the programming, design and publishing. May is a full of ideas, she helps by providing both concept artwork and concept and design for the games themselves. Lex is great for level and puzzle design and is starting to learn programming also. Gill helps by providing support in all aspects of Psycatic. Finally there is Lee Rosi who is there to provide some much needed external checking and Quality Assurance.

Long Live 16-bit

That's our company moto! Keeping SEGA's 16-bit platforms alive by creating new titles is our main objective.