The Shifting Catacombs

Catacombs Cover"The Shifting Catacombs" will now be the third game released by Psycatic Software. It is a puzzle dungeon crawler game at heart but every time you play it, it will be different. The dungeons are all randomly generated, as are the puzzles in them and some of the storyline elements. You be able to complete the game in one single sitting, then play it again and see content that wasn't there the last time you played.

According to the ancient papyrus kept in the village temple, the gods had favoured this village and as a gift provided everything its occupants needed. Food, water, milk, clothes, all manifested in the caves on a daily basis as a gift to whoever needed them. The only condition was "Do not give in to greed, take no more than you need"!

Ginger the catOne day whilst exploring the caves "Ginger" came across a jewel so big and magnificent that he became mesmerised by its beauty. He took it for himself not realising that it was the source of the cave's power! Since that day the caves have morphed on a daily basis and the villagers struggle to find the food that was once so plentiful.

Catacombs is set to be our third release and will our main focus once Wanted is completed. We will be releasing more information about the game on this page so please do come back. If you are interested in this release or any of the other work we are doing then please also take a look at our social media links below and follow us! We always keep our twitter and facebook followers up to date on how things are going!