Psycatic Cartridge"Invasion" is a playable history of space invader type games. It's not a direct recreation of any particular version of space invaders but instead a collection games and artwork to inspire nostalgia. For the main release it has 6 different game modes plus a two player mode, the free version available below has just three game modes.

The project started as a test, to check that the old Psygnosis Megadrive Development Kit I had was working and to see if I had everything I needed in terms of a tool chain to build a fairly complete game. I wanted to ensure I had the tools to be able to create graphics and sound for the SEGA 16-bit platform and also a set of development libraries and programming techniques. The platform is not like programming a PC or a modern console and special consideration has to be given to the limited hardware and design choices that SEGA put together.

The six modes are as follows:

Invasion Free Version
Invasion is available right now as a free download, this includes the classic arcade and VCS versions plus our own 2014 edition. This download is as a SEGA Megadrive ROM file only. The easiest route to playing on original hardware is to get a flash cartridge and transfer the ROM file onto it. Many of these now operate with an SD-card.

If you don't have original SEGA hardware to play this on, it can also be played on the many new SEGA 16-bit devices such as those made by "at-games", many of these devices can be purchased from FunStock here. The other option is emulation, you can download the excellent KEGA Fusion from here.


The supporter's version is a digital download of the collector's edition and helps to support our work. This special version is available for a donation of just £5 and includes everything in the free version plus Cosmic Invaders and two new hand-held modes LED and LCD versions. This download comes as a SEGA Megadrive ROM file and a MEGA-CD / SEGA-CD ISO image.

The MegaCD/SEGACD option is easy to burn to CD ROM disc using any good CD burning software. There is also a CUE file so if you have NERO, IMGBURN or some other software that can burn a CUE file and this will create a mixed mode disc. It's best to burn the file at the slowest speed your drive will support.


The collector's edition will be released as soon as we have cartridges in stock. You will get everything in the supporter's version as a physical Megadrive cartridge complete with manual and retail box. This is a limited collector's release and each one will be individually numbered. In the box you will also receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the developer.

We will provide a 10% discount to anyone who purchased the supporter's version so you can play the full game straight away and support our development efforts. Thank you for your patience and support.


Long live SEGA 16-bit!