The lack of success in panning for gold in this region has led it to be known as "Deadpan City", a small remote settlement in South Dakota. The town has just changed beyond all recognition though as the dead pans are now turning up more and more gold. With the gold, come the prospectors and in a town as remote as Deadpan, a whole heap of trouble also arrives.

The year is 1786 and as the fortune of this town changed you, like many others, have arrived to seek your share of its new revenue. On reaching the town you realise that the recently discovered gold is causing chaos and the local Sheriff is struggling to keep law and order. The Sheriff is offering good rewards for anyone crazy enough to help out and you become Deadpan's newest vigilante.

Wanted is a crime solving game with many elements reminiscent of point and click adventure games. You'll need to interact with the locals, hone your detective skills and use your powers of deduction to succeed.

If you fill those nooses with the right necks you'll help clean up the town and be rewarded well, if not you may be wearing one of them yourself.

Wanted is set to be our second release and we will be focusing our efforts on it as soon as Invasion is available as a retail product. We will be releasing more information about the game on this page so please do come back. If you are interested in this release or any of the other work we are doing then please also take a look at our social media links below and follow us! We always keep our twitter and facebook followers up to date on how things are going!