Why are you making games for the Megadrive?

That is a very good question, it seems a little pointless right? Well, many people like to play retro games, games that remind them of a time gone by. It is quite common for people to have an appreciation of music or art from past times and we see computer games and the technology they run on in a similar light.

Everyone at Psycatic Software has a large collection of classic computer games which they play often but we also miss the exciting days of games development and so decided to create something new for our favourite game console of all time, the SEGA megadrive.

There are many collectors of retro gaming equipment out there and we hope some of these people will enjoy playing these new games as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Can I make megadrive games too?

Yes, the SEGA 16 bit home brew scene is growing all the time. Making a game for the megadrive does involve programming so if that's not something you already do then you may need to learn C++ or even better Assesmbler.

We've put together a little information about where to start which you can find on our "resource page". That should give you some links to the information, tools and tutorials that you need.

The Psycatic branding looks a lot like Psygnosis, did you rip it off?

Psy-Q dev zoneWell spotted! It does look alot like it and it was chosen to honour the company's achievments. Psygnosis made some great games for the Amiga and many titles were ported to the SEGA platforms, "Shadow of the beast", "Flink", Galahad, and of course Lemmings. The company has now closed down. If you want to know more about that see the various histories:, Purple Owl, WipeOutZone Discussion.

Psycatic Software started off building retro megadrive games using a Psygnosis dev kit (PSY-Q, pictured opposite), alot of info was extracted from Psygnosis documentation and all of the initial test ROM's were built using the PSY-Q tools, compiler and assembler. We now use a mix of different tools but that is how all of this started.

Lastly, I worked for Psygnosis back in the 90's which is how I acquired the dev kit etc. With all that in mind, the Psycatic Software branding is a fitting tribute I think.

Ok, but you just made a space invaders game, it is copyrighted isn't it?

It's not really possible to copyright the "concept" of a game only it's implementation and INVASION is not a direct copy. Even while Space Invaders was still in the arcades other companies were making copy (bootleg) versions of the PCB. Games such as "Cosmic Monsters" which took a copy of the original PCB and modified the graphics and game-play a little. What has been produced here is a playable history of space invader type games and it contains several different modes of play. They don't play exactly the same as the originals but they have been developed to inspire nostalgia and use appropriate artwork for this. They are collected together as a retro history project and provided for free for a console that is no longer generally available.

If you want to read more about the topic of Space Invader copyright take a look at the following links:

Is this game going to get a physical release?

Yes, it is!

When is this game going to get a physical release?

For the 16-bit Cartridge we are aiming to have something available before Christmas 2015.

We also plan to relaese MEGA-CD / SEGA-CD versions of all of our games for all three regions (EU,US,JP).

But I have more questions?

No problem, just ask, you can email us at